Specialists in Rubber and Latex.
75 years of proven dedication to service and customer satisfaction.

Teodoro González, S.A.

Tegonsa is a Spanish family company founded in Salamanca in 1940 by Don Teodoro González Cabello, currently managed and run by members of the second and third generation of the family. Our intention of continuing as a family business is done through professional management.

The offices and warehouse are located in Barcelona, occupying an area of approximately 4,500 m2.
The company has grown and evolved in its 75-year history thanks to his leadership and continuous adaptation to new needs and requirements of the Rubber Industry..

The distinctive features and fundamental pillars of Tegonsa are:

  • Company values: honesty, integrity, rigor, teamwork, passion for work well done.
  • Vocation overall, fundamental pillar of society.
  • Commitment to service our customers: they have directed the growth of the company thanks to our immediate, effective, flexible and individualized response according to the needs and limitations of each.
  • We have earned the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and partners through compliance commitments.
  • We have listened and our relationship is based on mutual trust and proximity in the treatment.
  • Relationship win - win long term, both with customers and with suppliers, adapting to their needs.
  • Ongoing pursuit of excellence in service delivery and in the rest of the value chain.
  • The service agility, flexibility and personal attention our added value and quality seal.
  • Expertise and leadership in such a complex supply Natural Rubber: the expertise of Tegonsa is geared primarily to the raw material of rubber. We also sell Synthetic Rubber, Natural Latex, Carbon Black, Chemical products and derivatives (Compounds, Regenerated, etc.).
  • Excellent strategic location near the port of Barcelona: allows maximum flexibility in the arrival of the goods at the warehouse.